Exodus Season 1: Zombie Apocalypse

Exodus Season 1: Zombie Apocalypse

Greetings, my name is R3D_K1D and I will be your host for Exodus Season I.

Now you may be asking what is Exodus? Exodus is a new Minecraft TV show that puts players in a different situation every season, and the players must find a way to return home. To preform an Exodus.

Players have been selected from across many servers to take part in the series premiere of Exodus. For season I, players will be thrown into the midst of the Zombie Apocalypse. Contestants will be forced to work together across 4 increasingly difficult episodes to conquer the undead hordes and bring enjoyment to minecraft living rooms. Those who make it to the end will receive the grand prize of 1 million Emeralds and the title of EXODUS!

But the apocalypse isn’t the only thing standing in your way! Periodically the viewers will be given the chance to vote on their favorite and least favorite players. Rewards and penalties will be given.

Do you have what it takes to make it to the end? Will you win the grand prize? Can you complete your Exodus?

Play Info:

Players: 1 – 4 (Recommended 2 or more)
Version: Vanilla Minecraft 1.8 (It says snapshot in the download file but use the 1.8 update)
Play Time: 2 – 3 hours
Resource pack: Default (Feel free to use your own but be warned- This is mostly an apocalyptic map.)
Difficulty:  Harder than Normal (But not that Difficult)
Game rules: Are set upon choosing single player or multiplayer mode.
Render Distance: May bug if you play on anything lower than 7.
Redstone Usage: Fairly Heavy


-Zombie – A Co-op Multiplayer competition adventure streamed to millions of viewers!
-Skeleton – Popularity Votes from the viewers!
-Zombie – Lots of Zombie Slaying (Has other mobs too. Including the new 1.8 mobs)
-Skeleton – 4 Unique Bosses!
-Zombie – Tons of Loot!
-Skeleton – Optional Areas!
-Zombie – Different Environments- (City, Underground, Wilderness, Inside, Lab)
-Skeleton – Craft your own items!
-Zombie – New 1.8 features!
-Skeleton – Over 3000 Command Blocks!
-Zombie – Puzzles (including- Moving Parkour course, riddles, sliders, and a layered maze)
-Skeleton – It’s “Left for Dead” + “The Walking Dead” with a sprinkle of a TV competition rolled up into Minecraft!
-Zombie – A Progressive story line!
-Skeleton – Scoreboard!
-Zombie – Custom Rankings!
-Skeleton – Loads of secrets!
-Zombie – An epic Finale and After Show!


Download Exodus Season I: V 1.5 .2 (REGULAR)

Download Exodus Season I: V 1.5 (HARDCORE)

If you have any maps (or other cool Minecraft stuff) you want to share, send it here.
Exodus Season 1 Zombie Apocalypse

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