Dead World Zombie Adventure

Looking for theĀ Dead World Zombie Adventure? Here You Go:
In this Dead World map, you are the leader of a group of survivors in the zombie apocalypse.
You will have to go on supply runs, upgrade your base, fight zombies and even other survivors!
Dead World

For Minecraft 1.8:

Map #1

Map #2

Map #3

We’re going to be adding a page dedicated EXCLUSIVELY to Minecraft Zombies to Minecraft Maps Ninja, so if you can’t get enough of the Walking Dead, we’ve got your addiction fully covered.

We never cease to be amazed with the amount of great stuff coming from the community. If you’ve spent hours, days or weeks slaving away at building a kick-ass map and want to share it with the community, we’d love to help you do it.

Send whatever you’ve been working on here.

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